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Before Cleaning

Cleaning paint booths, jigs, and equipment has traditionally been a complex task requiring much labor, dangerous tools, and even more chemicals. Those processes have caused considerable wear and tear on the equipment and the people in charge of maintaining the process.

R.J. Hanlon Company has bundled a new system of environmentally friendly solvents and specialized tools that are designed specifically to improve quality, health, and safety in booth, jig, and industrial equipment cleaning processes. 

After Cleaning

Get the most out of your downtime maintenance with the Parts and Industrial Cleaning System by R.J. Hanlon Company.

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Current situation

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Standard practices for cleaning most industrial paint production lines involve mowers, dangerous 40k water blasting, and time consuming placement of tents to cover the mower as it travels down the booth to shield the high pressure splatter.

The sprays and splatter often damage booth filtration systems and other equipment with such high pressures. These also pose safety concerns for employees with noise pollution and dangerous splatter that puts eyes and other body parts at risk.

R.J. Hanlon Parts and Industrial Cleaning System Advantages:

  • Reduce your VOC
  • Reduce your labor
  • Create a safer work environment
  • Increase your production yields
  • Increase profitability

Low Pressure Systems Designed For The Job

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R.J. Hanlon has specially designed low pressure washing units that run standard electrical sources found in most plants that supply a continuous supply of hot water at temperatures optimized for the environmentally friendly chemicals that make this process possible.