Solvent Recyclers

/Solvent Recyclers
  • The Digit models are available in either 37 or 53 gallon capacities.
  • The ECO models, available in 37, 53, 105, and 160 gallon capacities are the ideal solution for medium to large generators who require high productivity with low worker intervention.
  • The IST line of recyclers available in 2.6, 4, 6.6, 11, and 16 gallon sizes are the perfect solution for the small to medium generator.
  • The Resolv-r 2® DIGIT 90 model solvent recycler is available in a 24 gallon batch size.
  • The standard bags are available in extruded Nylon with a single seam on the bottom. High temperature bags are available for special projects in Teflon.