Glass Wipers – 1/4 Fold – 12″ x 13″

//Glass Wipers – 1/4 Fold – 12″ x 13″

Glass Wipers – 1/4 Fold – 12″ x 13″

18 bags of 50, 900 per case. Economical wiper perfect for cleaning glass, mirrors, and stainless steel, or any surface where lint residue is an issue.



Scrim wipers are constructed with 4 plys of tissue and reinforced with nylon scrim netting for added strength. Low cost, low lint, no streaking, ideal for glass, mirrors, stainless steel and smooth surface cleaning. An excellent light to medium duty wiper. Good all purpose wiper. Nylon netting provides extra durability yet will not scratch most surfaces. Older technology, but still widely used.

Substrate: Scrim nylon with paper ply

Color: White

Finish: Embossed

Industries: Industrial & Manufacturing, Medical & Healthcare, Food Service & Hospitality

Characteristics: Absorbent, Low Lint, Economical, Excellent Wipe-dry Capability, Reinforced with Nylon Scrim for Superior Wet Strength, Resuable, Ideal for surfaces such as Glass, Mirrors, Stainless Steel, etc. Non-streaking