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Cleanroom quality and precision at competitive pricing

RJ Hanlon Company is bringing cleanroom quality to manufacturing industries with the lint-free tubular wipe. Constructed of 100% polyester knit, laser-cut, and available in a variety of lengths and textures, lint-free tube wipes are ideal for many surface preparation applications in aerospace, automotive, and other critical manufacturing environments.

On-premise knitting

Premium raw materials are used in the on-premise knitting operation to obtain optimal texture quality.

Laser-cut edges

Naturally rolling outward, the laser-cut heat cauterized edges reduce potential for particles from cut fibers.

Precision Laundering

Washed and packaged in-house to demanding specifications for a high quality silicone-free product.

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Description Texture Dimensions Packaging
Tube wipe, lint-free, laser-cut, 100% polyester Lacoste 8 x 12 in. 100 tubes/bag; 5 bags/case
Tube wipe, lint-free, laser-cut, 100% polyester Smooth 8 x 12 in. 100 tubes/bag; 5 bags/case

Key advantages

Third-party Certifications: Particle tested and silicone-free

Evaluation for wiping materials used in cleanrooms and other controlled environments

Tube wipes have been evaluated based upon the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology recommended practice for evaluating wiping materials used in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Test results certifying the tube wipes as silicone-free and documentation relating to the bi-directional shake test for particles are available for review.

Laser-cut precision

State-of-the-art equipment is used throughout the tube wipe manufacturing process to deliver one of the most consistent, cost-effective products available in the marketplace.

The knitting machines, laser-cutting, controlled environment laundering, and packaging equipment are designed to manufacture the optimal tube wipe.

Economical Bulk Packaging

Bag, case, pallet, and larger quantities

Just-in-time delivery options with convenient bulk packaging is available. Cardboard-free packaging also available as an option.

Contact RJ Hanlon Company for pricing and inquire about special pricing for bulk orders.