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In addition to robot, gun and thermal covers, the R.J. Hanlon Company also offers a complete line of additional covers. To eliminate the tracking of such contaminants as dirt, paint and chemicals, we offer a variety of covers including:

  • Base Covers – floor and pedestal mounted
  • Basket Liner Filter Covers
  • Cat-Track Covers
  • Crystal Cap Cleaner Covers
  • Fixture Table Covers
  • Hose Covers – air, electrical, paint, etc.
  • Liftgate/Door Opener Covers
  • Mixing Box Covers
  • Overhead & Side Silhouettes
  • Overhead Bells & Cabinets
  • Power Spraying/Wash Covers
  • Protective Wall & Floor Covering – adhesives, films, etc.
  • Pump Covers
  • Purge Pot Covers
  • Reciprocators
  • Weather/Dust Protection Covers – automobiles, boats, furniture, motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.
  • Wrist Covers