The HSR Han-Safe Solvent Control Dispenser serves a market that has been long overlooked in high volume coating applications. Sanitary Maintenance for these applications is most often done with chemicals and or high pressure water blasting.

Sensitive areas exist within these applications that can be adversely effected under these conditions. These areas are generally maintained by hand. A variety of solutions varying in degree of volatility serve as solvents for these applications. The containers most often used for these applications consist of an open bucket and devices such as rags to perform the tasks at hand.

Open buckets speak for themselves. Where they may be fine for general housekeeping they are not practical nor safe in these environments not to mention the waste and the reincorporating of dirty solvent and rags into ongoing tasks involved under these practices.

A system has been developed by incorporating a number of different tools and processes into one safe and efficient process. The HSR Han-Safe Solvent Control Dispenser is a closed container and will provide solvent when needed allowing only a minimum of VOC exposure and waste. It dispenses with a triggered non-atomizing mechanism utilizing a flow regulator that acts as a safe shut off valve also. Depending on tank contents the pressure can be provided by either compressed air or Nitrogen. The tank has a pressure relief valve so that it can not be over pressurized. The tank is fitted with a grounding strap. There are a minimum of moving parts and the few seals are either EPDM or PTFE for extended life. The Tank itself is Stainless Steel and effectively resistant to most solvents with the exception to acids.

The HAN-SAFE SOLVENT CONTROL DISPENSER will have a direct and immediate effect on safety and material costs.

Safety Features

  • Portable Hand Held Stainless Tank-ASME Compliant
  • EPDM and or PTFE Seals & O-Rings
  • Braided Stainless steel Hose w/PTFE or EPDM Liner
  • Non-Atomizing Delivery Mechanism
  • Pressure Gage
  • Pressure Relief/Release Valve
  • Pressurization Port
  • Flow Metering Valve (on/off)
  • Grounding Clip
  • Safely Dispenses and Utilizes Only What is Needed to Perform Tasks and Eliminating Waste