The adhesive surface the Tacky Mat disposable single-use floor protection pulls dirt, dust, and other contaminants from shoes, wheels, and other passing objects on contact. When a sheet becomes dirty, peel off to expose a clean sheet with numbered tabs on each layer for easy separation.

Tacky Mats, a popular disposable single-use floor protection, prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering controlled working environments.

They are used extensively in medical-device, computer, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, instrumentation, and nuclear industries. Our mats are also used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, construction and recreational areas, and anywhere it is desirable to control dust and dirt. By walking over Tacky Mats prior to entering paint booths and clean rooms, traces of contamination are removed with each step.

Fast, effective, and easy to use, each mat is composed of multiple layers of tough polyethylene film coated with specially treated pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and laminated together into a stack.

These adhesive layers have numbered tabs for easy sheet separation.  When the surface is contaminated, simply peel off the top layer and discard.

An antimicrobial agent is incorporated in all adhesives and a 100% non-skid adhesive backing secures mat placement and helps prevent under-mat contamination & water seepage.

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