Re-use and recycle: Simply remove, wash, and replace.

“It is less expensive to control the quality of the air than to re-work or scrap your products.”

Reduce your costs

  • Labor, injury, equipment
  • Particulate, scrap, re-work
  • Chemicals, wipers, etc.
  • Washable/Reusable – normal wash cycle – no soap or chemical needed.

R.J. Hanlon Fan Covers place no extra resistance on the fan motor. Further, R.J. Hanlon Fan Covers can be washed in a normal household wash cycle using no detergent or chemicals. Finally, R.J. Hanlon fan covers meet the flame retardant NFPA 701 standard. Custom fan cover designs are optional.

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    Reduce airborne particulate

    • Indoor air is found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air
    • 90% of dust, dirt and contaminate in public buildings is pulled from outside
    • 75% of all dirt entering an area is brought in by personals and wheeled traffic

    Models and Options

    • Wall and Ceiling Mount Fans
    • Pedestal Mount Fans
    • Portable Floor Fans
    • Box Fans
    • Oscillating Fans
    • Window Fans
    • Household Fans
    • Industrial Blow and Cool Fans
    • Industrial Exhaust Fans
    • Industrial Floor
    • Industrial Shop

    Fan Covers Overview Video