Matching the right types of masking with specific processes, will speed 'preventative maintenance cleaning time' while reducing chemical usage/V.O.C.'s, consumables, and labor costs.

Self-adhesive masking covers floors and walls quickly with minimal effort.

 The tacky surface of adhesive foil locks debris in place while resisting high temperatures in ovens that would destroy other masking.

Clear masking is ideal for protecting window surfaces when monitoring equipment and process is imperative.

An alternative to traditional films, anti-static, water-soluble Enviro-film masking provides non-toxic, environmentally sound disposal options. 

Fastening options include self-adhesive backing, snaps and lint-free velcro-styles. Masking is available in various pre-cut or roll forms to fit conveyors, carriers, jigs and parts.

Custom masking by RJ Hanlon tailors solutions to fit your unique application needs.

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    • Wall masking
    • Floor masking
    • Window masking
    • Conveyor masking
    • High temperature tacky foil oven masking

    Color Options

    • White
    • Black
    • Clear

    Masking Overview Video