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The R.J. Hanlon Company is proud to have been the first company to enter the paint robotics protective coverings business. Offering creative solutions to the frustrations associated with paint robotics, such as proper sizing, materials and change-out scheduling, we continue to be the industry’s leader.

R.J. Hanlon Company’s Sales Engineers are knowledgeable when it comes to current robot manufacturers and models.

We are experienced in working with such industry leading robot manufacturers as ABB, DURR, FANUC, Kawasaki, Kobelco, Kuka, MotoMan, Nachi, Reis, Staubli, Tokiko.

R.J. Hanlon works closely in partnership with the Plant, Process and Maintenance Engineers, as well as Paint Managers and Supervisors to implement the optimal process.

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    Robot Covers Overview Video

    RJ Hanlon Process for Success

    • Work with you to carefully determine solutions
    • Study your particular robots and their movements
    • Study your paints, solvents and chemicals used in manufacturing which influence cover design and materials
    • Consider your volume needs and determine if reusability or disposability is more appropriate for your application
    • Factor in appropriate OSHA and/or EPA requirements
    • Design, create and test samples
    • Test on-site for evaluation of performance and ease of installation
    • Ensure complete cleanliness throughout manufacturing and packaging
    • Material color and effectiveness

    Our paint robotics covers are made of inherently lint-free materials and offer barrier backings to prevent the permeation of paint, solvents and chemicals. All fabrics, threads and other materials used are custom made and certified silicon-free.


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