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Demanding manufacturing processes require innovative solutions to enhance production, support equipment maintenance, and improve quality.

Halo Rings by R.J. Hanlon Company and other custom fabrication services provide specific enhancements to your automation equipment that protect your investment and improve your production quality.

Halo Rings extend the protection of automation equipment in welding, paint finishing, and other industries.

Protect sensitive components from welding slag and harsh slag removal processes around automated welding robots. Halo Rings by R.J. Hanlon expand the safe zone around these sensitive components by supporting special fire resistant covers that deflect slag debris.

Provide greater protection from paint and chemicals that deteriorate gaskets and seals at axis points on finishing system robots. Halo Rings by R.J. Hanlon reduce snags by keeping protective covers out of pinch points that enables the covers to keep paint and chemicals from damaging valuable robotic parts underneath.

R.J. Hanlon Company engineers custom solutions that are compatible with all robotic automation equipment manufacturers.

Halo Rings Demonstration Video