A line of defense against airborne particulate

Tacky Mesh® acts as a line of defense against airborne particulate; trapping unwanted debris in staging areas and controlled environments. Close inspection of Tacky Mesh® provides conclusive data of particulate migration.

Tacky Mesh product brochure

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Available in a variety of colors, rolled form, or precut to customer specifications, Tacky Mesh® can be draped or hung in numerous ways. It’s versatility in application makes it ideal for capturing contaminants in positive or negative airflow environments.

Tacky Mesh® enhances safety in the workplace by allowing water from fire suppression and sprinkler systems to pass through the permeable mesh.

R.J. Hanlon offers custom modular framing systems designed with Tacky Mesh® panels providing temporary or permanent structures for unlimited flexibility.

Capture airborne particulate in staging areas: sealer, moist sand, etc.

Create new lines of defense against airborne particulate with Tacky Mesh® by R.J. Hanlon.

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    Tacky Mesh® Overview Video

    Tacky Mesh® Advantages

    • Reduce airborne particulate
    • Increase quality
    • Increase positive / Negative air pressure
    • Reduce defects / “Down Time”
    • Reduce maintenance
    • Identify: hair, organic fibers, rust particles, paint conglomerates, and more

    Tacky Mesh® Applications

    • Automotive
      Paint and metal fabrication
    • Medical
    • Furniture/Cabinetry
      Fabrication, Paint, Stain
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Electronics
    • Abatement (Disposal)
      Aesbestos, Lead, Etc.
    • Baking Industry
    • Textile
      Fibers and contaminates
    • Food Processing
      Animal: Chicken, Beef, Etc.
    • Aerospace
      Paint and metal fabrication
    • Plastics
      Molding, Painting, Etc.
    • Warehousing/Storage