The R.J. Hanlon Company takes great care with thorough quality assurance processes to ensure top quality products for clients.

Summary of Best Common Practices:

  • Inspection Room
  • Vacuum Room
  • Clean Room: Wash, Dry, and Pack
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Tackified Mesh Air Filter
  • Daily Water Test: PH Count / Minerals
  • Weekly Panel Test Particulate and Crater
  • Panel Inspection and Identification

Product Validation:

  • R.J. Hanlon Panel Test
  • Contracted testing: Research Triangle Institute (RTI) Testing
  • North Carolina State University Textile Test Division: Contracted Fiber Identification

Inspection Room

inspection-roomR.J. Hanlon Company inspects every custom covering by hand to ensure top quality construction.

The inspection room is a custom enclosure featuring sticky floor mats at entry points with positive internal air flow utilizing HEPA filtration to reduce airborne particulate.

With environmental control and expert hands-on inspection, R.J. Hanlon Inspection Room processes help to ensure lint-free products meet and exceed client expectations.

Daily Water Testing and On-Site Laundering

ph-testing250Controlling water quality is a critical step in the order preparation and fulfillment process.

R.J. Hanlon Company performs water testing on each lot to carefully monitor PH Count and mineral levels for all laundered materials.

With on-site laundering facilities R.J. Hanlon Company is able to control every aspect of material preparation.

After careful inspection of materials and water testing for each lot, materials are laundered to exacting specifications during both wash and dry cycles.

The on-site clean-room precision laundering environment helps to ensure top quality final product delivery to customers.

Lint-free Clean Rooms

clean-room-pack250The assurance of a clean, lint-free environment is crucial in Class A finishes within the automotive, aerospace, marine, furniture, and industrial environments.

The professionals at R.J. Hanlon Company know the importance of insuring lint free products taking special precautions to maximize product quality.

R.J. Hanlon Company validates every lot to be silicon free and inherently lint-free to less than five micron.

Panel Testing

paneltesting250R.J. Hanlon Company also performs Panel Testing to ensure the highest quality products.

Panel Testing involves the exposure of random samples of various product to clear coat paint panels within the special R.J. Hanlon on-site clean room paint testing facility.

Only the top quality products meeting the most rigid verification standards are shipped.

Panel Testing helps to ensure clients receive the highest quality lint-free and silicone free materials and differentiate R.J. Hanlon Company from most competitors.


R.J. Hanlon Company maintains ISO 9000 : 2008 certification and other accredited quality certifications along with routinely seeks third-party validation to confirm customers receive the best-quality materials.

More Information

R.J. Hanlon Company staff are available to answer any questions you may have about quality processes and will work with you to identify the most effective ways to maintain the best quality for your finished products.