The AKIMist® Dry Fog Humidifier
 system is used for ESD prevention, cooling, and humidity conditioning.

The dust problems in the finishing process

Automotive assembly plants tend to paint and repaint automotive body parts and external panels due to imperfections created by dust in the paint finish.

Electrostatic charge builds up on the product surface and attracts dust particles which adhere to the surface, resulting in paint defects. Increasing the humidity is an easy way to remove electrostatic charge in the staging area prior to painting.

Preventing static buildup on the surface reduces the need to repaint and correct defects, saving time, product, and money. Adding humidity also drastically reduces the amount of dust and debris in the booth and transfer areas, resulting in fewer defects.

The AKIMist Dry Fog solution

The AKIMist® humidification system is a humidifier which uses patented “Dry Fog” technology that began with the AKIJet® nozzle. After the AKIMist® had been utilized in European and Asian manufacturing facilities for over 20 years, it was introduced to the North American market with great success.

The AKIMist® is a compact sphere with four mounting positions around the top of the patented 'egg' design. Up to four Dry Fog nozzles can be attached to these mounting positions and a fine, fog-like mist sprays from each nozzle with a droplet size so small it will not cause wetting.

Installation can be customized based on your needs. Individual units can be used for small areas of spot humidification and multiple units can be linked together for larger areas. The addition of directional elbows offers even more control and system optimization. The AKIMist® design provides unique solutions to your specific humidification needs.

The quality difference

Paint departments use humidification systems and other static reducing products such as air ionizers, tack mats, dust nets and similar devices to keep products clean and ready for paint. Often the final step before painting includes manually wiping down parts as they enter the paint booth.

The Akimist® 'E' raises the humidity which reduces static and settles dust particles to the ground. The particles simply become too heavy to float, which makes this an easy and environmentally safe solution to a common problem.

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    Applications in Industry

    Main Industries of Application include:

    • Printing
    • Food
    • Electronics
    • Automotive
    • Painting
    • Agriculture and livestock
    • Chemical
    • Textile
    • Paper and Pulp
    • Plastic
    • Ceramic
    • Air conditioning


    • Ultra-compact design
      The most compact humidifier in the world with high performance. Plenty of customers in various industries have been supplied.
    • High spraying performance
      World-wide patented AKIJet® nozzle sprays fine quality fog over 4 meters to provide effective humidification.
    • Easy-to-maintain mechanism
      Ease of maintenance by one-touch disassembly. Connection to the compact RO water purifier AKIMiz® keeps it in almost maintenance-free condition.
    • The least clogging nozzle
      2 types of the least clogging nozzle, based on the new technology, are available according to the application.
    • Good extensibility of the system
      Up to 4 pieces of the nozzle mountable to a humidifier
    • Flexible operationality
      Spray direction is adjustable within 10 to 50% with the Ball Adaptor (option) attached. Automatic humidity control by the timer or the humidity controller.

    Main Applications

    • Humidification in textile workshop, mushroom nursery, poultry incubation, fermentation room, cold storage
    • Prevention of electrostatic in printing, electronics, plastic factories

    Demonstration Video AKIMist Dry Fog