The RJ Hanlon Company provides a full line of sand, repair, and polish solutions ranging from economy to premium options.

We carry abrasive blocks/pads, sanding discs, buff pads, and polish. We carry pneumatic and electric tools, lighting and marking pens for inspection. We carry decades of experience and expertise with the ability to meet you on-site for process implementation.

It’s the combination of products, process, and knowledge that separates us from the commodity brokers selling little more than a brand name. We’re here to help you make exceptional products from start to finish.

Economy and Premium Options

We provide economy options to help you lower your costs on individual items you’re paying too much for at the big name competitors. We also provide premium, complete process solutions that meet and exceed the quality of the big name competitors at competitive pricing.

Finesse and Repair System features Visomax and the entire suite of speciality products providing a fresh new alternative for high-end paint finishing system repair work.

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