Reduce defects with the ultimate protection film

Suitable for hard surfaces, walls, windows, and some curing ovens

DirtStop temporary protection film exclusively by RJ Hanlon Company helps trap contamination for removal from controlled environments without leaving a sticky mess behind. This temporary protective film is treated with a unique adhesive formula that locks dirt, dust, paint overspray, and larger debris in place without leaving any residual tackifier. The film is available in various colors and sizes, ideal for windows, walls, air showers, and even some curing ovens.

No other masking film stands up to the ease of use, versatility, and durability of DirtStop protection film.

DirtStop reverse wound adhesive rolls with disposable transfer liner enable it to be easily applied to hard surfaces. Once applied to the surface, peel and dispose the transfer liner revealing the specially formulated adhesive face to begin reducing defects and increasing your quality output.

Key Features

  • Unique adhesive custom formulated for optimal tack

  • Leaves no residue; easy repositioning and removal

  • Cuts easily and cleanly with a razor or knife blade

  • Great tensile strength – Reduces 'shredding' upon removal

  • Captures fine dust and larger debris

  • Reverse wound with transfer liner

  • Available in various colors and sizes

  • Suitable for hard surfaces, walls, windows, and some curing ovens