Mutilations occur when awkward parts, along with assembly tools, are mishandled by individual operators during the manufacturing process. They may also occur when finished parts are nicked or damaged during shipping. These High Incidence Contact Points, or ‘HICUP’s’, can be a real problem in the manufacture of goods.

This damage, however, can be analyzed, solved and corrected (or at least significantly reduced). By working together in a collaborative effort to effectively review, study and analyze the problems, proper solutions can be devised. The small investment required in these solutions is a fraction of the expense if the problems remain unsolved.

Mutilation prevention has become the common term to describe the strategies taken to prevent such damages. The R.J. Hanlon Company has a variety of products designed to address the problem of mutilations, or HICUP’s.

Our products include specialty adhesive systems using foams, films, covers, corrosion inhibitors & desiccants.

Bumper, rack or carrier part covers will protect finsihed goods prior to final assembly. These covers will protect finished and unfinsihed parts by providing an impact resistant barrier and a vapor corrosion inhibitor with desiccants whic will prevent the rust process.

These covers provide full protection during storage, domestic and oversees shipments.

Panel & bumper covers are manufactured in numerous materials. These OEM approved covers have proven to protect finished parts from surface scratches, gouges, acid rain, rust/white-rust, & all “human factors”.

Each cover is reusable for internal and external use. R.J. Hanlon can provide laundry and logistic consultation upon customer request.