The auto industry has changed and manufacturing has changed along with it. Production line speeds are increasing, the number of jobs per hour are increasing, product line diversity is increasing – at the same time there is less downtime for preventative maintenance and cleaning to maintain quality.

You are expected to increase quality while doing more with less.

AutoFlex Protective Covers help you bridge the gap.

AutoFlex Protective Covers help you get more out of precious scheduled preventative maintenance downtime. Designed specifically for demanding finish environments in the automotive industry, AutoFlex Protective Covers conform to the highest quality ratings for static dissipation and resistivity.

The transparent material enables you to inspect robots and paint lines for leaks or other problems. The solvent resistant material enables you to wipe down equipment without changing entire covers.

When a cover needs replacing, the completely fiberless material allows you to quickly cut the cover away from the equipment. AutoFlex Protective Covers can be installed several layers thick so cutting off soiled, outer layers can reveal new, clean covers underneath.

Increase quality, save time and labor with AutoFlex Protective Covers designed for the changing automotive and manufacturing industries.

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    • Highest quality rating for static dissipation and resistivity
    • Form fitting – fits snug and reduces “flinging” paint back onto a part
    • Transparent – allows production to monitor paint lines and robotic paint path movements for programming, fix broken hoses faster
    • Solvent Resistant – can be wiped down
    • Fiberless – completely fiberless cover that can be cut for quick removal and will produce zero (0) fibers
    • Layerable – dress robots in multiple layers for ultra-fast change over by cutting off the top soiled cover
    • Less expensive – these covers are significantly less expensive than alternative / traditional covers