R.J. Hanlon’s Foam Abrasives are ideal for a multitude of applications. Foam Abrasives can be used with greater efficiency, speed and effectiveness when compared to traditional sandpaper sheets. With today’s technology, foam backed abrasives are the ultimate alternative to conventional sandpaper.

With a regular sandpaper, the grain is coated onto a hard, solid substrate or backing. The grain cannot flex back into the backing therefore causing the grain to re-fracture and break away from the substrate. Coating directly onto a solid substrate causes heat build-up on the surface being sanded. This excessive heat then tends to “load-up” your sheet, decreasing the life of the product.

Our Foam Abrasives are manufactured with premium abrasive grains and flexible adhesives that are coated directly onto the surface of the foam. This unique method of coating minimizes heat build-up and extends the life of our sponge as much as ten times over regular sandpaper.

Our various shapes and sizes allow you to sand flat surfaces such as raised panel doors and cabinets as well as highly contoured surfaces like spindles, handrails, corners and crevices. They work exceptionally well on white wood sanding and sealer sanding. Foam abrasives are able to be used wet or dry, in fact they can be washed for reuse. Foam Abrasives are easy to hold and comfortable to use.

Replacing traditional sandpapers, our foam abrasives are ideal for a large variety of industrial uses such as:

  • Wood Working
  • Metal Finishing
  • Paint
  • Drywall
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Auto Body
  • Solid Surface
  • Do-It Yourself
  • And anywhere sand paper is used.