A compound system designed for brilliance

Technical and economical advantages for high value, high volume finishes

Achieve brilliant, deep-gloss with hologram-free results without use of silicones, waxes, or other fillers

RJ Hanlon Company carries the complete line of Visomax 'PrometheuS' Finish System providing opportunity for lower overall costs without sacrificing quality.

Exceed performance of other name brands and take your finish to a higher level with a complete coordinated system of components by Visiomax Finish System – an exclusive offering of RJ Hanlon Company for the automotive industry in the United States.

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You’ll get details about polishing compounds, polish pads, marking pens, accessories and more.

    The Visomax Difference

    RJ Hanlon Company is aligned with Visomax, a dedicated manufacturer representing consistency and innovation in the finishing industry. Our goal is to provide you with the highest grade finish system available in the marketplace.

    • Multiple grades of compounds and polishes
    • Large variety of pad densities and natural lamb's wools
    • Paint marker pens wipe clean without residue
    • Wall mounts and adapters for bulk dispensing