R.J. Hanlon Company, Inc. officially became a member of Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention in March 2010.

The Partners for Pollution Prevention (P4P2) is an association of industry, government, academic, and environmental organizations whose mission is to advance pollution prevention in Indiana.

Organized in 1996 by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), the purpose of this association is to assist industry in sharing pollution prevention successes and to advise IDEM on pollution prevention policy and programs.

As a Partner for Pollution Prevention, R.J. Hanlon Company, Inc. pledges to:

  • ensure employees are aware of the commitment to pollution prevention and understand their role in implementing pollution prevention objectives and goals;
  • incorporate pollution prevention planning in the development of new products, processes, and/or services;
  • establish a mechanism to monitor waste generation and identify realistic pollution prevention goals;
  • establish a process to listen and respond to stakeholder concerns;
  • make available your general waste reduction and pollution prevention information to members of our community, IDEM, and the partners, if requested;
  • establish an outreach program for promoting and supporting pollution prevention efforts;
  • participate in two or more partners meetings annually;
  • support the annual Pollution Prevention Conference and Trade Show; and
  • submit an annual pollution prevention activity certification.