Capture defect evidence wirelessly for analysis

Easily share and examine defects with up to 1000X magnification

RJ Hanlon Company’s wireless Defect Analysis Kit puts an inspection lab in the palm of your hand and empowers teams to collaborate around defect elimination like never before. The rechargeable mobile device connects wirelessly to your smartphones or tablets so you may rapidly identify defects. Save images and video evidence to your smartphone or tablet for sharing with your team by text and e-mail. Identifying defects quickly is the first step to neutralizing them at their source.

Compatibility with smartphones and tablets enable you to identify defects for rapid sharing with your team

Ultra clear image processing technology allows you to capture defect evidence to rapidly share with your team. The device broadcasts a private WiFi network to connect with your mobile deivce via free downloadable app.

Key Features

  • Adjust focus of the digital device using the barrel wheel while viewing defects on your smartphone or tablet

  • Capture and save high-resolution JPG images and MP4 format videos to build defect library and share with team

  • Dimmable built-in 8-LED ring light illumination

  • Built-in 900mAh USB rechargeable lithium battery offers approximately 3 continuous hours of operation

  • Local wireless connection used to link digital devices

  • 2-megapixel CMOS camera sensor processing technology and 1080p HD resolution